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TLTD® Phone Grip’s flick-out cushion helps deflect your phone's weight onto stronger back fingers, allowing for a more comfortable and secure mobile experience. It supports wireless chargers, fits all phones, and doubles as a thumb rest when lounging. Put it between your middle and ring finger to extend reach for selfies and more stable video.

The TLTD® Phone Grip was designed to adhere to back, bottom of your phone.

TLTD will not stick to silicone, fabric or heavily textured cases. TLTD will also stick phones with glass backs, but please allow 4 hour of adhesion time before flicking TLTD open.

The dimensions are 25mm wide, 46mm long, and 8 mm thick.

If you’re sure that TLTD® or any other products on our site aren't right for you, we offer a full refund, for any reason, within 30 days of purchase.

Just click on the chatbot and start the process.

Every TLTD® comes with an extra adhesive so if you do take TLTD® off, you can use a new pad to stick it back on the same or another phone. If you need more, just chat with us.

TLTD® uses magnets for its lock to give it the perfect amount of tension to flick open. Similar to tests conducted by Apple on the new iPhone12 which has magnets on the back of the phone,

Credit Cards: We have not seen any issues, even when carried with a wallet in the same pocket.

TLTD® does not cause any issues with GPS or Compass in our tests. Navigation apps will work fine.

The easiest way to remove TLTD® is with floss or thread.

Press the floss or thread against the phone or case, start at a corner, and move the string back and forth under the adhesive.

Oh no! Get in touch with us and we’ll help you out.

No. As with all phone grip solutions, there is no
one-size-fits all. If the size of your hand is small relative to the
size of your phone, you may find that your thumb will only be able to
interact with the bottom 2/3 of the phone.

The purpose of TLTD® is to NOT use the pinkie as much, rather allow the phone to rest on the three fingers on back. Try allowing those fingers do more of the work.

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