How do I use TLTD?

    TLTD has a lot of features so watch this video to get a better understanding of all the tech goodness!

    Will it work for all phones?

    TLTD will not stick to silicone, fabric or heavily textured cases. If you do not use a case and want to stick TLTD to glass back of your phone, please apply the included sticker labeled "apply first for glass back phones" before applying TLTD.


    Generally yes, upto 3 times. That sated, every TLTD comes with an extra adhesive so if you do take TLTD off, you can use a new pad to stick it back on the same or another phone.

    Wireless Charging

    TLTD sits at the bottom of your phone, out of the way of the wireless charging coils. That stated, if your wireless charger is physically large, the bottom of the phone may lift slightly off the pad. Despite this gap, we have not seen any situations where the wireless charger no longer provides power.

    Magnetic Interference

    TLTD uses magnets for its lock to give it the perfect amount of tension to flick open. Similar to tests conducted by Apple on the new iPhone12 which has magnets on the back of the phone,

    • Credit Cards: We have not seen any issues, even when carried with a wallet in the same pocket. 
    • Compass/GPS: TLTD does not cause any issues with GPS or Compass in our tests. Navigation apps will work fine. 


    We want to make sure you are satisfied with your TLTD! Please contact us at support@getTLTD.com if you have any problems!


    TLTD is 25mm wide, 46mm long and 8 mm thick.