Extra Installation Kit

Extra Installation Kit

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  • Super comfy pinkie support
  • Doesn’t block wireless chargers
  • Supports left and right pinkies
Every TLTD come with an instruction booklet and 3M adhesive inside the packaging. If you need another set, we got you! Thank you again for choosing TLTD. We

TLTD is 25mm wide, 46mm long and 8 mm thick.

We offer free shipping the USA! We want to make sure you are satisfied with your TLTD! Please contact us at support@getTLTD.com if you have any issues with your purchase!


TLTD will not stick to silicone, fabric or heavily textured cases. TLTD will also stick phones with glass backs, but please allow 4 hour of adhesion time before flicking TLTD open.

TLTD® uses magnets for its lock to give it the perfect amount of tension to flick open. Similar to tests conducted by Apple on the new iPhone12 which has magnets on the back of the phone,

Credit Cards: We have not seen any issues, even when carried with a wallet in the same pocket. 

Compass/GPS: TLTD® does not cause any issues with GPS or Compass in our tests. Navigation apps will work fine. 

TLTD® is 25mm wide, 46mm long and 8 mm thick.