Dre, BobB, "Alan", Blow, KGB, The General

    CES 2015, Las Vegas



    This motley crew of engineers banded together at wireless giant Qualcomm in San Diego during early 2008. Collectively, our research has been awarded over 200 patents covering some of what is found inside many of today's smartphones.


    While a few of us left the company, we all decided to keep inventing together. In 2014 we formed The Brilliant Co where we choose everyday items and put them back a little shinier (hence our name). In 2015 we reimagined the soccer ball for our kids. Then one day we started talking about how heavy our phones had gotten, and how we all suffered from "smartphone pinky!"


    That's when we set out to study the best phone gripper on the market. After testing them all, we found that, well, they all sucked! That's when we got to work!


    We knew the only way to reduce the pressure on the pinkie was to literally make the phone lighter. But how? We hit our "a-ha!" moment when we devised something that would help the little guy deflect the weight vs bearing it. Two years, hundreds of prototypes, and a granted patent later, TLTD was born!


    We hope you love TLTD as much as we enjoyed making it for all of us.