The Brilliant Company is a team of designers and engineers living and playing along the beaches of sunny San Diego. Our mission is to make products so good, your friends will wrestle you for them!


    The name "Brilliant Company" comes from our collective passion to take every day items and make them better... leaving them a bit shinier than we found them.


    Every morning we brew a big pot of coffee and spend 45 minutes talking about one product in our lives that sucks or better yet, doesn't even exist. We then whiteboard solutions assuming no limitations.


    In 2018, when Babak upgraded to a larger iPhone, we started talking about how heavy our phones have gotten. We set out looking for the best phone grip accessories out there, and were completely under-whelmed. After putting on our engineering hats, we discovered that the only way to reduce the pressure on the pinkie was to make the phone physically lighter. Since none of us have a PhD in Quantum Physics, we decided to deflect the weight vs having the little guy bear it. 64 prototypes and a ton of magnets later, TLTD was born.


    We hope you love TLTD as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

    "Leave it Shinier Than You Found It."