You deserve a better grip

TLTD® Phone Grip has so many benefits, you'll wonder why your phone didn't come with it already?!

TLTD® Phone Grip

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TLTD® Phone Grip’s flick-out cushion helps deflect your phone's weight onto stronger back fingers, allowing for a more comfortable and secure mobile experience.

Its patented design allows your grip to shift so your thumb can reach all buttons, supports flat wireless chargers, and doubles as a thumb rest when lounging. Just peel 'n stick to any phone or case.

Dimensions: 25mm wide, 46mm long, and 8 mm thick


Your little finger wasn't designed to support this much weight. TLTD® helps you securely TILT your phone off the little guy and onto stronger back fingers.

power up

Unlike those rings, loops, straps and pop plungers, TLTD® doesn't cover the back of your phone, allowing you to charge your device wireless

Up Your Selfie Game

Place TLTD® between your middle and ring finger to extend reach for better selfies.

stand out

TLTD® lets you enjoy personalized cases again!

hit it

Because TLTD® doesn't tie down your back fingers, your grip is free to shift so thumb can reach all buttons

Get to Know TLTD®

What People Are Saying

It's like having a pillow for your pinkie!


From the lock to the custom, a high-quality product.


Why don't phones come with TLTD® built-in?


I finally upgraded to the bigger phone I've always wanted because of TLTD®


Use a POPSocket?

Can't flick it open and closed one handed, can't use personalized cases, gotta buy charger with a hole in it!


Puts all the phone's weight on a small area (ouch!), and annoying to open and close each time.


Gotta buy a whole new (generic) case, and thumb may not reach all buttons

Wallets w/ straps?

Why make your phone even heavier, and can't reach all buttons

whatever this is

Two words, expensive, and ouch!


TLTD will not stick to sot silicone, fabric or heavily textured cases. TLTD will stick phones with glass backs, but please allow 4 hour of adhesion time before flicking TLTD open.

TLTD is superior to pop plungers as it support wireless charging. Not only to the ring grips interfere with charging, but they also can be uncomfortable as they put all the phone's weight into a small area. TLTD is superior to those straps and loops as depending on where you position them and the size of your hand, your thumb may not be able to reach buttons along the bottom row of the LCD. What is more, TLTD also doesn't cover images often used on personalized cases.

TLTD® uses magnets for its lock to give it the perfect amount of tension to flick open. Similar to tests conducted by Apple on the new iPhone12 which has magnets on the back of the phone,

Credit Cards: We have not seen any issues, even when carried with a wallet in the same pocket. 

Compass/GPS: TLTD® does not cause any issues with GPS or Compass in our tests. Navigation apps will work fine. 

TLTD® is 25mm wide, 46mm long and 8 mm thick.